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4 Rs For a Better World

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse

IICS has developed a sustainability policy to help lower the school's carbon imprint. Staff and student initiatives on both campuses contribute to a growing awareness. 

Saving Street Animals

 Animal Welfare Group

Among the Secondary Community and Service groups is the Animal Welfare Group who have numerous projects to help street animals.

Volunteering in Nepal

 Project Nepal

International grant winning project that gives students the chance to travel to Nepal to teach and implement a physical improvement project.

Student Eco-Initiatives

 Solar Panel Project

A product of our 100th anniversary Greenie Contest, our solar panel project was devised by 8th grade students and sponsored by Tetrapak and Coca-Cola. 

Centennial Forest

 Literally 'Going Green'

Our Centennial Forest-- one hundred pine trees on our South lawn--was planted by students and continues to improve our environment. 

Helping the Homeless

 Helping Istanbul's Youth on the Street

IICS students support Umut Cocuklari (Children of Hope) by raising awareness, holding clothing drives and fund raising to help give homeless individuals a better life. 

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