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3G Concept

As a school that values global citizenry, understanding our responsibility to the world we share is important. Our aim is to be increasingly Global, Generous, and Green (3G). We have initiatives in classes, in community and service groups, in the PTA, and schoolwide. Take a look around this portal to see what we are doing to support our world and make it a better place. 


Here are just some of the ways we are being 3G...

  • Composting food waste from the cafeteria
  • Printing school brochures on FSC paper from sustainably-managed forests with eco-friendly ink and reducing the number of print publications in favor of e-documents 
  • Reusing rubbish for arts and crafts
  • Cleaning up a loggerhead turtle habitat in Dalyan in the south of Turkey
  • Growing vegetables in our gardening club
  • Collecting food waste to feed street animals
  • Collecting blue plastic bottle tops to buy wheelchairs
  • Using water bottles more instead of paper cups. For our 100th birthday we produced aluminum water bottles for all students and staff. 
  • Investing in e-books in the library
  • Using far less paper as we use technology more
  • Investigating the disposal processes for different types of rubbish and flow charting the different consequences of different disposal techniques e.g. to recycle or not?
  • Replacing paper communication with electronic communication
  • Visiting a rubbish sorting factory
  • Learning about making sensible choices when shopping like reducing the amount of packaging we purchase 
  • Investigating the decomposition rates of various types of rubbish
  • Visiting a plastic recycling factory
  • Making little changes - turning off the lights when not in a room, trying to waste a little amount of water when washing their hands
  • Learning about the impact of water pollution as a result of incorrect garbage disposal
  • Writing persuasive letters to parents, grandparents about how they can help to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Installing recycling bins in the halls at school
  • Visiting an e-waste factory

We have long been a socially conscious school with a strong emphasis on social outreach, which is integrated into our curriculum. Our 3G concept was first conceived during our centennial celebrations in 2010-2011 and coalesced with significant support from our Centennial Gala Committee, our PTA, staff, and students. 

We continue to look for ways to be more sustainable as a school and reduce our carbon footprint here and at home. We are a community that cares. 



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