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3G Greenie Award Projects

IICS First Greeny Award for Student Eco-InitiativesAs part of our centennial celebrations, Secondary students were given the chance to independently develop an environmental project that would benefit the entire school. This was an open competition, coordinated in collaboration with our Head of Science, Mr. Ömer Kipmen. Twenty-three contestants from grades 8 through 11 formed 10 project teams, developed their ideas, determined feasibility and costs, and then pitched their projects to their peers and teachers in a secondary school assembly. After the judges deliberated on each project according to the competition's criteria and parameters, the winners of the Greenie Awards were announced on our school's official birthday. The winning projects were implemented thanks to the sponsorships our PTA solicited from Coca-Cola and Tetrapak. The members of the top two winning project teams also received their own iPads. 

The winning projects were:



Student Deniz T. (then in Grade 9) devised a school-wide Naturemill composting project to recycle food waste produced by the school, providing natural fertilizer to improve soil quality on the campuses and eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers. Besides improving the environment and reducing waste, Deniz’s project will also save the school the money it spends annually on chemical fertilizers, which means the project would pay for itself within one year. Hers was selected from among a number of composting project ideas because Deniz’s project had the added benfefit of no smell, only 10 days to compost, no upkeep cost, no significant additional labor, and uses only the electricity equivalent of a night light to operate… And all for the low investment cost of $5,000. Tetrapak and Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group sponsored the cost of this project.


Students Monja B. and Alara V. (who were then in 8th Grade) designed a solar panel project to support Marmara Campus electricity needs. Tetrapak sponsored the cost of this project.



Students Fabian D. and Ippo T. (then in grade 10) presented an energy saving solution to implement motion sensor lighting in all appropriate common areas like bathrooms and hallways. This project was easily implemented.

We look forward to seeing how these student projects can make a real difference to the energy efficiency of IICS. And, we look forward to some of the other Greeny Project teams continuing work on their projects to bring them to a viable state so that we can implement as many student driven eco-solutions as possible.

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