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Grade 6 Exhibition

Each year the Grade 6 classes organize their PYP Exhibition of their passion projects-- a means of applying their personal passions to a global issue to help draw awareness and aid to that issue. For instance, student equestrians researching equine therapy for mentally handicapped children and arranging an outing to their horse stable for mentally challenged children;or student musicians visiting a retirement home to perform music for the elderly. Whatever the student's passion is, they can find a way for the world to benefit from what they love to do.

In order to execute the Exhibition, students undertake a considerable amount of planning, researching, and action, and finally on X Day, students present their completed projects and engage the student, staff, and parent audience in their activity stations.


The 2012 PYP Exhibition global issue and actions students chose were:


Student Passion Global Issue Action
Adam wave boarding to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle and fitness video presentation and wave boarding lesson
Ahmet soccer to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle and fitness giving presentation to Grade 3 and organizing a soccer match
Alex music to raise awareness of how deaf people experience music hosting visit from children from a deaf school 
Anders darts to raise awareness about the whaling industry and raising money  dart competition
Annika swimming to earn sponsorship through my website as part of Sport Refief UK and raise awareness of the benefits of healthy living swimming competition
Ayush IT to raise awareness about the dangers of cyber-bullying presentation to grade 5
Calvin film to raise awareness of illegal downloading making & showing a documentary
Can soccer raise awareness and money for the blind soccer school in Istanbul blind soccer activity
Can O equestrian sports to raise money to buy a wheelchair for a child in need (a child who takes equine therapy sessions at Clayton's club) selling bracelets, cookies and raffle tickets
Clayton soccer to raise money for anti-racism in soccer organizations soccer skills competition
Eda dogs to raise awareness about animal abuse and to collect donations for a dog shelter presentation to grade 3 and a doggie drive
Filippo swimming to raise awareness of the need for people with disabilities to be involved in/have access to sports presentation to grade 5 and 4G and a swimming contest
Giovanni rip sticking to persuade school to build a skate park  making a blue print of a skate park
Halim public speaking to raise awareness of inequalities in educational opportunities speech for 4G
Hanul art to raise awareness of how art can be used to help the disabled  presentation and activity with grade 3
Hugo music to raise money for “Little Kids Rock” organisation perform a rock concert
Hyu Jung art to raise awareness of air pollution presentation to grade 2, art competition with grade 2
Jae Heon drama/acting to raise awareness about bullying play performance
Jessica reading to raise money for ‘Room to Read’ NGO selling bookmarks
Joseph writing to donate to orphanage in Istanbul collecting money
Julia horses/animal rights to raise awareness of animal cruelty in factory farmed chickens, to persuade the school to change where it gets its chicken from petition stand, presentation to high school class, giving a presentation to Mr Welch
Karl rip sticking to raise awareness of the need for exercise and healthy lifestyle obstacle course activity
Lina photography to raise awareness about endangered sea turtles in Turkey and use my passion of photography to take pictures of these turtles presentation to grade 2 about sea turtles, visit to Dalyan Turtle Centre
Lorenzo cartoons/drawing to use cartoon art to raise awareness of the cruelty of fur farming presentation
Marta art to raise awareness about the benefits of art therapy presentation to 1stand 2ndgrade 
Mert soccer to raise money and donations for LOSEV luekemia foundation soccer tournament
Mia singing to bring music into the lives of disabled people and to let children have fun through music performing for disabled adults and performing for a prep class assembly
Niclas swimming to raise awareness of clean water and the Life Straw Program presentation to Grade 1
Philipp IT to raise awareness of the importance of internet safety presentation to 5thGrade 
Rachael writing to write to governments for action on Joseph Kony letter writing
Rachael and Alin art to inform about Joseph Kony presentation to 9thGrade, distribute posters
Sam music to raise awareness about air pollution lunchtime concert
Sara dancing to raise awareness of issues surrounding the rainforest presentation on the destruction of the rainforest, hosting a disco, selling disco tickets
Sarp film/directing to raise awareness of the plight of street dogs in Istanbul making & showing a documentary
Sofie cooking to raise awareness of food waste in food related businesses presentation to grade 5, after school activity for grade 5
Solin baking to raise money for people to be able to access clean water cookbook sale & activity
Timur Legos to raise money for a school for autistic children selling LEGOs
Yorgo brick filming to raise awareness of global warming showing a brickfilm movie he made


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