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Animal Welfare Group

The Animal Welfare Group is a community service group that raises awareness about animal issues in Turkey, as well as in other parts of the world. Activities include: Scrape a Plate to Change a Fate initiative, fundraisers to support a dog shelter, and Spay ‘n Save feral cat program, fostering of kittens, advertising animals for adoption, construction of small weatherproof shelters for street animals, research followed by Awareness Campaigns on: how to interact with dogs to avoid dog bites, information on rabies, the plight of street animals in Istanbul, etc. 

Advisors: Ms. St. George , Ms. Blazek

World Stray Animal Day


April 4th was World Stray Animal Day and the Animal Welfare Group recognized the day by holding a bake sale to raise money for two stray dogs that appeared outside the school gates the previous day. Thank you to everyone who supported this event which raised 185 TL. Well done!

The two dogs pictured below appear to have been abandoned so the group arranged to have them moved to a vet in Bahcesehir. They are both friendly and affectionate and will be a great addition to someone’s family.

They have been treated for parasites and will soon be vaccinated, and the adult sterilized.
The next challenge will be to find homes for them.



If interested, please contact Ms. St. George

The black dog is named MONTY, the spaniel is named LINA.

World Stray Animal Day.jpgWorld Stray Animal Day 2.jpgWorld Stray Animal Day 3.jpgWorld Stray Animal Day 4.jpgWorld Stray Animal Day 5.jpg

Making Winter Homes

Here is an example of our work: constructing weatherproof homes for street cats...

Rehoming Our Animal Friends

Thank you IICS Community!
Thank you to all those who contributed to the Jet/Jasper Fund!


It was great to see so many people from our community take an interest in helping these two dogs. Special thanks to Jessica (who helped spread the word and collect money in grade 6) and the other grade six students who donated money and to Ms Mott’s grade three class who raised over 200 TL! Teachers and support staff, as well as parents and secondary students, gave money to help pay the initial 1300 TL vet bill. Thank you to Mitur for helping with the rescue and transporting the dogs to the vet, as well as donating money. It was a real community effort that paid off! The Animal Welfare C&S Group is continuing to raise funds to pay for their sterilizations and vaccinations and Jet’s on-going vet bills.

Currently (as of April 18th), Jet is still at the clinic in Bahcesehir receiving treatment for his wounds. He had an operation a couple of weeks ago to close the wound but, unfortunately, it opened up again because he just can’t stop wagging his tail! The vet will try stitching the wound up again and hopefully this time it will be a success.

Soon Jet will be ready to go to a foster home while we try to find him is ‘forever’ home. Maybe you know someone looking for a great dog?

You can read about his story and see some photos and a video at the following link.

Jasper (now Lulu)
Great News - Jasper has been adopted! She is now known as Lulu and has a great home with a family from IICS. The money you raised helped us pay her boarding costs when she was at the clinic.


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