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Istanbul Street Children

The Istanbul Street Children community and service group supports Umut Çocukları (Children of Hope), an organization "providing material and moral assistance to children and youth whose family environment and circumstances caused them to end up on the streets to escape abusive environments, to escape forced labor, etc. Our aim is to help them recover from subtance abuse/addiction (paint thinner, drugs, alcohol, etc.); to educate them against the negative behaviors adopted on the street; to provide education about health and hygiene; to provide training and work opportunities in cooperation with private organizations and corporations to win back our children and youth from the streets."

The IICS Istanbul Street Children community and service group aims to raise awarness of the plight of street children and raise funds to support Umut Çocukları. This year we will raise funds to purchase additonal bunkbeds to increase the sleeping capacity at the Umut Çocukları First Step station in Bakırköy and we will hold a winter wear drive to collect warm clothing, bedding, and footwear for Umut Çocukları.

The Secondary School drama production of the musical Oliver, which is on the subject of street children, was also a fund raiser for Umut Çocukları as 10% of ticket sales were donated to them.

Advisors: Ms. Pryor , Ms. Maas


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