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Adopt a Park

The Adopt-A-Park community and service group aims at cleaning up and maintaining natural areas, including parks, beaches, forest areas, etc.

The students and advisors have been identifying local areas to target, including Karaburun and the Büyükçekmece area, Belgrade Forest and Kıyıkaya beach and others. Adopt-A-Park aims to build awareness and gain participation of more students, their families, their friends, and whoever wants a clean environment. 

Adopt-A-Park held a beach clean up at Karaburun in March, to which parents and the wider community were invited to join. 

Adopt-A-Park members also want to explore biger issues like:

  • Why do we have waste in the first place?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for waste?
  • What kind of support do goverment departments give to dispose of waste? 

Advisors:  Mr. Herrmann , Ms. Henriot , Mrs. Marmolejo Jimenez



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