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World Wildlife Federation

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that helps to protect endangered wildlife and environments, tackles climate change and promotes sustainable use of resources.


The IICS Community and Service ‘WWF group’ decides an action plan each year. This year they plan to promote Earth Hour and run a campaign to raise awareness of our everyday use of and potential conservation of energy at both school and home.


Last year saw the whole school stop its use of power for the duration of an afternoon class, a full 55 minutes and candles lit at earth hour in the evening in homes across Istanbul. Funds raised were donated to support conservation of wildlife habitats in Turkey.

This year the group has chosen to use funds raised through various activities to be able to sponsor the endangered Snow Leopard and its environment.


Regular meetings of the group at IICS involve research, discussion and development of how to run effective and active awareness campaigns.

Advisor: Dominic Ryan

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